Closets are a vital part of your home’s structure and design. If you’re looking for custom closet installation or replacement in Toronto, we have the solutions you need. Our team of closet builders have the skill to customize your closets to match your home. You can count on us to install your custom closets professionally and in a timely manner.

Our high-quality closet installation will improve your home’s value while creating extra storage space to your home. Our extensive knowledge in building custom closets allows us to work with any closet design you have in mind.

Custom Closets, Bedroom and Living Room Cabinetry

Closets come in a number of types and installations. The type of closet you choose depends on a number of factors: what you’ll be using the closet for, how often you’ll be accessing it, and how much space you have.

We offer a wide range of closets and storage cabinets that you can choose from based on your budget, needs, and available space:

Stylish Custom Walk-In Closets by Clearview Kitchens

Stylish Walk-In Closets

One of the more popular home features, walk-in closets are a beautiful way to display your wardrobe and accessories. The spacious area can be custom designed to meet your home and personal needs. Walk-in closet designs provide ample room to store your clothing and other essentials, so they are easy to find and access. Additional furnishings and fixtures can be added to make your walk-in closet your own special room. While walk-in closets vary in size, they require extra space from the main room.

walk in closets toronto

Reach-in closets

Reach-in closets are storage areas built into the wall of an existing room. Also, reach-in closets are trendy, especially in small rooms or homes. By adding shelving, hanging poles, and cupboards, a well-designed reach-in closet can hold and organize a lot of your personal belongings in a much smaller space. However, reach-in closets can be custom designed to exactly meet your needs to maximize your space.

Luxury Walk in Closet Design Richmond Hill

Modern closets

Modern closets use metal poles and contemporary, modular shelving systems to give your closest a sleek look. Furthermore, modern closets are pieces that can be installed in any household regardless of the home’s overall design because they serve as statement pieces.

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Linen closets

Linen closets are built to hold linens, bedding, blankets, bathroom, and bedroom materials. They are smaller than most closets and have several shelves to store your fabric accessories. Nonetheless, linen closet installation must be precise and accurate. Any nail that sticks out will rip your favourite comforter, so it’s best to have an expert install them.

If you’re unsure about the proper closet type for you, our specialists are more than happy to help. When you hire us for custom closet installation, we will offer our expert advice on what works best for you. Your home is in good hands.

Custom Closets Doors Installation

Custom Closets Services Toronto

Once we build the closet, we install the doors to keep your personal belongings tucked away safely and out of view.

Closet doors come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes, including closet swing doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors.

For our closets, we only use materials that are green and eco-friendly, such as:

  • MDF painted materials
  • Melamine
  • High-gloss MDF
  • Matte MDF

We service all of the GTA, including:

Custom Closets Toronto

Amazing Custom Walk in Closets Toronto

With our closet installation service in Toronto and GTA, you don’t have to worry about closet doors breaking or the paint peeling for a long time. Our custom closet finishes aim to seal the paint and provide a protective coat. As a result, your closets will still look brand new for decades to come.

For top-quality closet installation and manufacturing, contact us today! Our team is 100% committed to our millwork craft and your satisfaction. Whatever type of closet you need, we’re at your service! We also a one-year warranty for all the labour, material, and installation.

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