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We at ClearView Kitchens offer a specialized custom kitchen cabinets design service in Toronto for your kitchen. We design and create whatever you have in mind, ranging from a dream kitchen cabinetry, a modern wall unit, or even an elegant closet. Our team of experts will provide you with the best possible millwork and cabinets installation service. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship, reasonable pricing, and professional approach.

We make designing and installing kitchens fun. Starting with a custom rendered design, our experienced team works closely with each of our clients to ensure the final product always exceeds your expectations. As a top-rated custom kitchen cabinets builder in Toronto and the GTA, you can trust us to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Design In Toronto

If you’re considering new kitchen cabinets, ordering and installing custom modern kitchen cabinets, we’ve got you covered. ClearView Smart Solutions & Kitchen Design is your go-to millwork and custom cabinets Toronto contractor for residential and commercial properties like homes, condos, showrooms, offices, medical offices, stores, schools, and daycares, etc.

Furthermore, we evaluate our success by how satisfied our customers are. Your happiness and comfort are our number one priority, and that’s how we approach each project. Whether it’s kitchen design, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, new vanities, shelving units, closets, or bathroom accessories, we have the solutions you need to take your home to the next level.

With over a decade of experience in the custom cabinetry & woodworking field, we know the ins and outs of designing, building, and manufacturing cabinets of all types and styles possible. Our work ethic stems from our passion for millwork craft combined with our commitment to custom cabinets industry standards. We want you to have the house of your dreams and our custom services will help you get there.

Our mission is to deliver quality kitchen services using top-tier materials, a touch of taste, and creativity. And guess what? We do it all for affordable prices. We want all of our customers to afford the house of their dreams without ever compromising the quality of work. Our design custom kitchen cabinetry experts have liability insurance and promise to complete your project within a month.

We offer custom kitchen cabinetry and custom kitchen designs with professional kitchen plans and renders included. We build kitchens from scratch and customize manufactured kitchen cabinets of any styles, colours, made of any materials and with any features you can imagine.

Our custom kitchen cabinetry specialists build custom kitchen cabinets by your design. You can have our kitchen designer create a perfect kitchen design for you, or you can provide us with a ready kitchen design.

We also specialize in kitchen Renovation or customization, which is an increasingly popular solution for older design kitchens, IKEA kitchens customization and other mass-fabricated kitchens.

After kitchen cabinets are ready, we make sure they are installed properly  with our kitchen installation service. We can change the layout of your kitchen and optimize usage of the space available with our kitchen remodeling service.


ClearView Kitchens

See Your New Custom Kitchen Before We Build it

Our customers get to see and customize their kitchen before we build it!

Perfect kitchen design means kitchen cabinets, countertops, and light fixtures working harmoniously together to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

We create realistic kitchen renderings that will let you see and customize your new kitchen to the smallest detail. Here is an example of a kitchen render and the final result:


See your kitchen before we build itU Shaped Kitchen Design

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Get The Kitchen You Always Dreamt Of

As the top-rated custom kitchen cabinets makers in GTA, ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen Designs are here to transform your kitchen for good. With a promise of quality craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service, we offer a variety of kitchen renovation solutions to suit your needs. We offer the best mill-work and kitchen cabinetry services to both homes and commercial spaces. Trusted across GTA for our services, we have always been professional, friendly, and passionate about customer satisfaction. Our team of experts offers free estimates and 3D modeling to give you an idea of how your finished kitchen will look. Whether it is new or old, fun or functional, we can give you the kitchen that you always dreamt of.

Customize Your Kitchen Styles

ClearView Kitchens

As one of the most popular styles of all time, transitional kitchens are here to stay. A transitional-styled kitchen basically borrows a few elements from the classic style and blends them in with some contemporary motifs for a fresh and unique look. It finds the best of both worlds and that is why it is loved by homeowners who want their kitchen to look straight out of a catalog. At ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen Designs, we understand transitional kitchens like no other. These kitchens can be sophisticated and simple and still have a lot of character. A lot of textures, tints, and decor can be incorporated to build a transitional design. Here are a few ways in which we can give you a stunning transitional kitchen:

  • Straight and simple prints instead of abstract ones can enhance the transitional theme beautifully. Countertops with simple textures and cabinetry with geometric designs give a modern look. Once elaborated with vintage Victorian crown moulding, a beautiful mix of two themes can be seen.
  • For the cabinetry, modern shades like taupe, fawn, ivory white or matte black say “transitional” in the best way possible. For the handles and hinges, faded copper or dusty gold colour will hint on a time gone by.
  • We believe that the lightning can also go a long way in adding the elements of the two themes. Modern pendant lamps with or golden glazed lighting is the way to go.
  • For the overall colour theme, earthy tones and modern pop tones can be used for a classy contrasting look.
  • Some themes are naturally transitional. These include nautical, monochrome, ceramic white and tropical.

The beauty of these kitchens lies in their effortlessness and their timelessness. They have contrasting features that eventually blend in and make the space look nothing short of a shot from a catalog.

No matter what theme you chose, for kitchen designing, trust only ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen designs. Call now!

We at ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen Designs are experts in modern kitchens. Unlike popular belief, traditional and contemporary kitchens are not timelines apart from each other. The concept came into play during the end of World War I and had more to do with pragmatic remodeling rather than preserving old kitchen architecture. These kitchens are characterized by a high functional quotient and low ornamental installs. What differentiates modern kitchens from traditional ones is the material used. Modern kitchens are made of man-made materials to achieve durability and get rid of bulkiness. Modern kitchens are also made keeping appliances and a fast-paced lifestyle in mind making sure that everything is easily accessible. Here are some ways in which we can give you an elegant and efficient modern kitchen:

  • With basic coloured granite countertops and sleek hardwood cabinetry, a modern kitchen can be achieved. Instead of curved cabinets, angular designs bring out the style more prominently.
  • Instead of textured cabinets, a mix of solid and fogged mirror cabinets also give a modern touch to your kitchen. Wooden veneers are also the best when it comes to giving a modern cabinetry to your kitchen.
  • If you have a small space, we suggest choosing LED strip lighting to make the best use of space and avoiding bulky ceiling lights to make the area look congested. It event distributes the light instead of making one part of the kitchen look brighter than the rest.
  • If you have more space, we suggest going for an island counter which can also work as additional storage space.
  • Instead of handles and hinges that are archaic, modern designs sport ‘push-in and come out’ cabinets, also known as ‘one-touch cabinets’.
  • For the overall colour theme, minimal white, Mahogany wood, elegant grey, matte darks or glossy-whites fit the palette.

No matter what theme you chose, for kitchen designing, trust only ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen designs. Call now!

Traditional kitchen themes are still loved by homeowners who want their kitchen to be a time-capsule of the good-time gone by. Traditional kitchens are known for the homely and cozy vibe they emit and the time-transcending style they offer. Here’s how we give you a traditional kitchen:

  • To give your kitchen an old-world charm, classic panel cabinets with crown moulding on the ceiling is the go-to design.
  • For the colour and texture theme, we recommend going for pastels or rustic wood with unpolished surface or royal white wood. This gives a very old cottage or palace feel to your kitchen.
  • Some worn out colours also include retro mint, candy blue and bubble pink. When mixed with white details and checkered flooring, they give you a classic diner-style kitchen.
  • Traditional kitchens were all about embellishments. Manual faucets, metallic handles, big sinks and large oven spaces are all characteristics of a classic kitchen.
  • For the lighting, we recommend going for tungsten hanging bulbs or ceiling pendants with yellow or golden glazed lighting.
  • For a traditional kitchen, countertops are usually textured ditsy dots and come in graphite material. They are sturdy and rustic at the same time.
  • Textured backsplashes give a beautiful detailing to classic style kitchens. Raw red bricks or glossy white bricks can both be used to achieve this design.
    You can also have a wine rack installed as part of the cabinetry to make use of the space and give a classy touch to your classic kitchen.
  • If your kitchen has more space, you can definitely use faded wooden furniture like a kitchen table.
  • For decoration, a classic wall-clock, old paintings and a china cabinet can be a good add on.

No matter what theme you chose, for kitchen designing, trust only ClearView Smart Solutions and Kitchen designs. Call now!


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    I was recommended by a friend who designed their closets with ClearView and decided to go with them to design and build our master closet. The team was very accommodating to work around our schedule to meet and discuss options and designs. We worked closely with Luisa, our designer, and she was incredibly detail-oriented and knowledgeable, offering opinions on the best way to use the space. My favourite part was being able to visualize the space because they also offer 3D visuals. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to do closets and other cabinetry.
    Francis Pratt
    Francis Pratt
    16:59 24 May 22
    The team at ClearView designed and produced such a wonderful custom-built bathroom vanity that complemented our existing design. Our designer, Luisa, was very dedicated and worked diligently to produce a product to our exact specifications and needs. When it came to production, I was pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail and incredibly high standards - their quality cannot be matched. Thank you ClearView for our beautiful vanity!
    Alejandra Garcia
    Alejandra Garcia
    17:09 16 May 22
    We went to ClearView to build our bathroom vanity - we absolutely love it! Andrey and the designers took our original idea and made helpful suggestions on how best to create the final product. They produced our beautiful vanity with such skill and workmanship. Their customer service is top notch as well. We highly recommend ClearView for your bathroom renovation!
    Srinalie Wijeyeratne
    Srinalie Wijeyeratne
    12:21 28 Apr 22
    We made the decision to renovate our kitchen and we’re so happy that we went with Clearview Kitchens. Hanna, our designer, was very responsive and communication was always timely. After the first consultation, we decided to move forward with ClearView because of their quality and workmanship.We were given great suggestions and advice, and all of our questions and concerns were answered very promptly. All steps were handled in a professional and positive manner. We are absolutely thrilled with our new, modern kitchen and we would definitely recommend ClearView Kitchens for your next renovation project!
    Natalia Garcia
    Natalia Garcia
    00:18 28 Apr 22
    After canvassing and interviewing multiple cabinetry companies, we were very thrilled to have worked with ClearView. The kitchen is so stunning and now the focal point in our home - it is exactly what we wanted, and then some! They took away the stresses that usually come with renovation projects because of how knowledgeable and detail-oriented they are. The work was completed on time and completely within our budget. We highly recommend ClearView for any kitchen, vanity, shelving, or any other cabinetry needs!
    Carol Ann A.
    Carol Ann A.
    18:11 11 Apr 22

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